Bridging the Gap Between Veterinary Hospitals and Pet Owners

Many pet owners have found themselves in a situation where their dog or cat required veterinary hospital care. Later, when being discharged from the hospital, medications and nursing instructions are discussed and then the owner and their recovering pet are sent on their way. The owner gets home and realizes they don’t quite understand the nursing care needed or are not comfortable providing the nursing care their dog or cat needs. At this point the owner calls their veterinary hospital to clarify nursing instructions or asks friends or family to help them. If the owner is still not comfortable providing the care their pet needs then they may decide that it is too much for them and bring their pet back to board at the veterinary hospital for the duration of recovery.

Wouldn’t it be a huge relief if there were a service that provided in-home veterinary nursing care? In-home pet care isn’t a new idea, many pet owners have pet sitters or dog walkers, but in-home veterinary nursing care is a newer idea and such services are relatively rare, but they can be found.

There are many advantages of in-home pet care. Pets are often afraid in unfamiliar environments. The sounds and smells are unfamiliar and can be frightening, especially to cats. With in-home services pets can stay in the comfort of their own homes. This also means that pet’s, and owner’s, routines and schedules are not interrupted. Also, owners do not have to worry about having to transport their cat or dog for boarding or veterinary appointments. Many boarding facilities now offer cage free boarding and group play. This greatly increases the cat or dogs chances of acquiring an illness. This also greatly increases their chance of being injured by another cat or dog.

If veterinary professionals were being honest, especially those working in emergency hospitals, they would tell every pet owner they come across not to take their pets anywhere cage free or with open play. This is because they have seen first hand the horrors that have occurred at such places. These illnesses and injuries can result in death of a pet and severe heart ache for their owners. Lengthy legal battles between owners and boarding facilities have also occurred in these situations. I recommend finding an in-home pet care service the next time a pet owner is in need of a boarding facility or pet care. In-home care will result in a much more comfortable and happy pet and will be much less stress for the owners too.

Source by Kristen Gaul

What They Do not Tell You About Free Dog Training Tips

Type "Free Dog Training Tips" into any search engine (Google) and you'll get over 33 million pages returned. Now 33 million pages is a lot of information. Some of it will be well researched and useful, and some of it will be complete rubbish. You are looking for information to help you with a particular dog problem, and you are now overwhelmed with all this data. Which pages should you read and which ones should you discard?

The problem with Free Advice is that it promises to be worth what you paid for it. Nothing!

You're probably saying to yourself "Laura, what are you on about? Are not you going to suggest I look at your free dog training tips? the one secret to dog training most people completely overlook.

You need to invest TIME.

That's right – TIME. You can read as many dog ​​training books, see as many dog ​​training videos or participate in as many on-line forums as you like, but if you do not actually get your butt and take some action, nothing is going to happen – your dog can not read!

Oddly enough, most people will spend hundreds of hours poring over books borrowed from the library or printed from the Internet. They will read them from cover to cover looking for the one master secret that will magically turn their mutt into a well behaved dog. But they will not actually spend time with the dog to make it happen. There's now so queer as folk!

(Translated from Yorkshire, that means People are Strange)

Let me tell you. It is not gonna happen unless you spend less time reading and more time actually doing what you've read about.

So why is it that people struggle so much with something that is not all that difficult?

It's because life today is busier than at any time in the past, and TIME is at a premium. People are working harder and for longer. Jobs can be hard to find and harder to keep. Add to that the social pressure from family and friends, and is it any wonder there's no time left for poor old Buster?

Paradoxically though, the less TIME you spend with your dog now, when it's young and eager to learn, the more you'll end up spending later. If you take the time when your puppy is young (puppy socialization classes, moving on to training classes as he gets older), and learn the basics (sit, stay, recall, down and leave) then ongoing training should take you no more than 5 mins a day, which you can easily do whilst you walk your dog.

The later you leave it to train your dog, the more bad habits he will have to un-learn before you can even attempt to teach him something new.

So remember, less is more when it comes to dog training BUT only if you start early. A dog does not train himself – YOU DO – so spend the time now. It will be worth every minute you put in and your dog will thank you!

Source by Laura Kemp

Family Pet – The Shar Pei

If you are looking into Shar Pei types, you may stumble across the blue Shar Pei. These Shar Pei have a blue coat, hence the name and are one of the rare colors this breed comes in. It takes a significant amount of work on the part of breeders in order to produce healthy blue Shar Pei’s. This breed has a wonderful temperament and unlike their believed breed start the chow, they are great with kids. The Shar Pei have their origins in China and were bred specifically for the face, brains and strength, the blue Shar pei is a rare color so expect to pay more if you want one than you would for another color.

A Hong Kong businessperson used a magazine to bring awareness of this breed and its plight to the U.S. in 1973. The dogs were originally bred to be an all-purpose hunting, herding, and guard dog. However, due to the excess skin, which made them hard to grab, they were used as a primary bred for dog fighting. Known for being a reserved breed, the Shar Pei tends to think for them selves and will be overly affectionate, loyal and extremely devoted to those it considers family.

The royal family of China created the breed to protect them and their families. This powerful dog is willing to die if needed to protect its family and home. The blue Shar Pei in its rareness is one of the more expensive of the breeds as a warning to the buyer. The Shar Pei was introduced to an U.S. dog magazine in 1973 by a businessperson out of Hong Kong.

There is a need to keep them in very socialized environments and give them the proper training because the breed tends to turn overly aggressive and protective of its territory. Nevertheless, even with training and happy social environments, they will keep their guard dog tendencies, being suspicious of strangers or barking at them.

There are a few more things to consider when looking into a blue Shar Pei. The first is that these are not small dogs a Shar Pei can reach between forty and fifty-five pounds. They are also very active dogs so if you live in an apartment make sure that you have the time to really exercise them or that you have a good-sized dog park in the area.

They also do well as an outside dog. However, if you keep a Shar Pei outside then be sure to provide shade and plenty of water as these animals are subject to having problems with the heat. It is also a good idea because of their size that you make sure the complex or homeowners’ association if you are living in an apartment or if you are living in a planned community approves of this size dog. These are wonderful dogs and make a great addition on any family.

Source by Melissa Coleman

Dog Food – The Right Way to Feed a Dog

We always want our dog to have good health, and a long and happy life. There are so many things we could contribute in achieving that goal. Dog food is the most important that focus on. Have you ever wonder what if we are feeding our dog the wrong food in long term, it could harm them and worst case our pet could die young. It often happens but do not worry you just need to know how to feed your dogs right.

Here are several things that you need to know about feeding your dogs:

1. Supplements are "okay", only if ….

If your dog has passive physical activity (sleep too much, rarely taken out for a walk), or simply under a stressful routine change. But giving too much supplement is not good for your dog, you have to give it in proper proportion. If you do not know how, it may cause temperament problem (because of kidney disorder)

2. No Bone anymore!

Our dog has different type of digestion. They have short digestive tracts. A small bone ate by dogs could cause them to choke, they have no amylase (an enzyme that is use to predigest starch).

3. No more raw eggs!

If you feed them with raw eggs regularly, you will make their skin breakout. In dog's body, there are biotin that are useful for dog skin health, but the problem is raw eggs destroy the biotin, and the result could lead to hair lost.

4. No more raw fish!

Raw fish can cause weak your dog stamina, can cause an abnormal posture and even death in several cases.

5. Meat protein diets to vegetable protein diets.

Meat protein are easily found in beef pork, chicken turkey and others. Vegetarian protein diets are much better than the meat protein diets because it is easily digested by dog ​​and it gives off more energy to the dogs.

6. Keep watch of their fat

The right proportion of fats, will result in a good skin. But too much fat, will have a bad effect in kidney, reproductive health, obesity and lethargy.

7. Make sure they get enough carbohydrates

A balance diet program is good. Make sure they get carbohydrates for their energy. Corn is one of the best source of carbohydrates.

8. Do not feed your dog too regularly.

That can get him into the routine of expecting to eat at those times. and could lead to weight gain. Letting him get hungry and feeding sensibly.

9. Do not give your dog a chocolate or any kind of high fat diet or junk food. That is not health for your dog.

10. Say "No" to commercial dog food.

Stop using commercial dog food as your dog's only or main source of food. This step is the most important and you should make the change in the next couple of days. But you can not make this change unless you have a good alternative plan in place.

11. Make your dog home made food

Get some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipes and start feeding your dog home made food. But be sure you have a good source of recipes written specifically for dogs because they have very specific requirements, different to humans.

Give what best for your dog.

Source by Albert Evan

How to Get a Free Parrot

If you are looking for free parrots, then you might find plenty of ads in the local newspapers given by pet owners, who are willing to offer their pets at lesser prices. Many times, the owners are unable to take care of their pets on account of financial problems or can not devote enough time to them. In such cases, they prefer to sell their pets to others so that these pets can enjoy a more happy and a healthy life amidst new surroundings.

There are lots of parrot adoption centers, which take care of parrots, which have been ill treated and neglected by their owners. Some parrots may be starved of food and living in an unhygienic environment and may have learnt bad behavior visits from their owners, which are taken care by these adoption centers.

People are compelled to buy pets due to many reasons like desire for companionship, love for pets, need for fun and recreation and some purchase it as a hobby. Parrots in blue color like the Quaker is popular among many buyers due to its blue color, which symbolizes peace and tranquility. The cost of Quaker parrots in blue can range from anywhere between $ 400 to $ 600 whereas free parrots from owners may cost you a little less.

Another parrot in blue color which is an all time favorite is the Blue Macau, which has blue feathers and can change tones and shades but remains extinct now since sometimes. Although Quaker parrots are available in different shades of green and yellow, parrot blue color is in greater demand among pet owners. However, before adopting a parrot, pet owners need to make sure if they can take good care of the pets and afford to spend money on meeting different pet care requirements. If you are buying a parrot from a pet seller, then you need to examine the motives of the seller so that you are not cheated and end up getting a bad deal.

Sometimes, there are a few drawbacks of buying a free parrot from the pet owners. If the parrot has not been trained well, then you may have to deal with some of its behavioral aspects. It could show lots of temper tantrums or bite and even screech loudly which can disturb your neighbors. There are high opportunities that the parrot may have injured and you may need to spend a lot of money on getting it treated. Besides, it could be suffering from any kind of disease or health problem, which requires the attention of an avian veterinarian.

Thus, there could be various circumstances due to which the owner wants to sell the parrot to others, which one needs to scrutinize before buying them. Owning a free parrot can be a pleasure but one has become extremely careful and ready to face any consequences.

Source by Ryan H. Grizzard

How To Recognize Pet Poisoning Symptoms

Unfortunately, most of our pets do not speak our language and that can make it difficult to provide the care that we would like them to have at times. No time is more serious than a time of illness and possibly one of the more serious is poisoning.

When dealing with some varieties of poisoning time is essential in getting your pet the care that may make the difference between returning harm and minor discomfort. We'll discuss a number of different warning signs that you can be vigilant for to alert you that what is wrong may be poisoning.


Most commonly the mouth is the entry-way for any form of poison that you pet may come in contact with. Thankfully the warning signs are usually rather noticeable and easy to identify. The first is simply excess saliva. If your pet is drooling more than usual or excessively then you may want to take a closer look at them. If you think you recognize any of these symptoms please go ahead and verify the others and use your head.

The next symptom associated with the mouth is again rather obvious to spot. This symptom is vomit. Often you can not only identify the possibility of poison simply by the presence of vomit, but you can sometimes identify the poison's source within the vomit. Think about the situation and identify uncommon elements in the vomit and then check for other symptoms.


If your pet is displaying a change in behavior, it may be poisoning. The easiest, often times, to recognize a change in are simply standing and walking ability. If you notice a significant change in these do not hesitate to check for the other symptoms. Some other less common "motor skills" are sounding, gas, attitude or personality. If your pet is belching or hacking these could be signs or symptoms of poisoning. If your pet's sounding (barking, mewing, etc.) changes, especially if it becomes frantic, that also could be a symptom or sign of poisoning. Lastly, avoidance or apprehension, or any change in interaction or personality, could be a sign of poisoning. Please, do not hesitate to check for other symptoms.


If when you pick up your pet, the pet reacts with an unusual sensitivity that could be a sign of poisoning. Typically, this may be the last symptom that you check when you are verifying signs for poisoning. Also, you can check for sensitivity by lightly pressing on the abdomen. Take care not to apply pressure to the ribs or too much pressure to the abdomen.

If you think that, your pet is suffering from poisoning then contact your veterinarian immediately or the appropriate local emergency hotline or contact. With poisoning time is of the essence and you may want to ask your veterinarian about what emergency action is appropriate for you to take in the event that poisoning ever happens.

Source by Mikael R

Pharmaceutical Advice for Your Pet Horse – I’ve Got a Book You Need to Read

When it comes to health care most folks right now are thinking about their own health care costs, the implications of ObamaCare, and how to stay healthy. Sure, we humans worry about such things, but we are hardly the only species on this pale blue dot. What if you own horses? Well, in that case there is no universal health care for horses, they either live or die and evolution takes its course from there, but when they are our pets we’d certainly like to take advantage of nature and better our odds, not only for race horses, hunters and jumpers, but for our personal horses as well.

In fact, if you own a horse there’s a very good book that I own which I’d like to recommend to you. It will help you protect your horse, and help you understand a little of the nuances in this species, along with physiological needs you may not have considered. The name of the book is;

“Equine Medications – Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management,” by Barbara D. Forney, MS, VMD, Eclipse Press, Lexington, KY, 2007, 240 pages, ISBN: 978-1-58150-151-3.

One of the best parts this book is the first chapter which explains how to use this book, what it should be used for, and how to make it a solid reference when you really need it in the future. There are also interesting chapters on “Drug Rules for Competition Horses” and “The Administration of Medication” which I think you should primarily focus on. Another important chapter is “Medical Math” and how to figure out how much of a pharmaceutical drug to give a horse based on its weight and other such things.

The last chapter is probably the most important, as explains each type of drug, how they should be used, and when they should be used. Not only that, there is a section which refers to brand-name drugs and their generic counterparts, if you wish to save money. You see, you need to know the drug interactions, special considerations and the basic information. This book will help you decrease side effects and chance of overdose, as well as alert you well ahead of time if you’ve made a mistake in administering the drugs, and prevent you from administering the wrong drugs for the wrong reasons.

If you own a horse, this book is a must in my opinion. Therefore, I highly recommend this book to you and I am happy to say that it cost under 20-bucks, and that makes it just that much better. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

The Persian Cat As A Family Pet

Domestic animals today have seen a lot of changes, and in most cases the process of breeding itself has taken shape over decades and centuries over a large span of space and time. One of the best examples of such a long and steady process of breeding is the Persian Cat. A kind of longhaired cat, this cat gets its name from the land from where it originated – Persia, or present day Iran. Later, the Brits started breeding it at home, and in time the practice spread to France and the United States too.

Based on looks, the Persian cat can be considered to be on the chubbier side (usually weighing 3 to 7 kg) with a well rounded head with ears far apart. Recently the breeding has been such, especially for cat shows, that the forehead, nose and mouth of the cat are almost in a perfect vertical alignment, although the fact remains that the original Persian cats did not have a small muzzle shaped alignment. The general public has taken a liking to this cat a lot, especially in the US, after a steady decline in UK and France over the last couple of decades, but people prefer the one with a more pronounced muzzle, rather than the ones without it (which is more popular among cat fanciers), so as to avoid some other common breathing disorders.

The Persian cat is well liked also because it generally adjusts quite well to any human surrounding, so making it a popular choice for families. In popular culture too, the Persian cat has made its own mark. Crookshanks, Hermione's cat from the overtly popular Harry potter series, is a gray Persian. Even Snowbell from the Stuart Little series of books and movies is a white Persian cat .

Source by Shannon Hutcheson

Good Way of Selling Puppies Through Puppy Pictures on the Internet

It is great to have pets in our home, where you can be entertained have fun being with them. But if you have a lot of pets and still counting while your dog is pregnant, the difficult part of having a lot of pets comes along the way. So you don’t have any choice but to sell them or give them away. Of course it is better to sell them to earn money and the good way of selling them is to put some pictures on the internet so people may have an idea what they look like.

There are lots of pet picture on the internet that are used to advertise and sell puppies. We all know that almost of the people today know how to use internet and this is an easy way to advertise something that you want to sell. Having a pet picture on the internet will help you out on selling your puppies. And all you have to do is upload some picture of your pet on the internet.

In uploading picture you need to select that picture that will attract viewers and have an interest to buy your puppies. But of course you need to prepare your puppies for a pictorial so you may have a good picture of your dog on the internet.

It is not easy to take picture of puppies especially if your pets are active and always on the move. You might have collect different body parts of your dog upon taking picture. It is better to observe your dog and see what their routines are. Spend at least an hour observing your dog and see how will they react on certain objects. You can give them a toy or a ball and see how they will play it.

During on their active moment, most puppies cutest come up and this is the best time to take pictures. But as mention above that it is hard to take picture of a dog that is in motion. There are some cameras that can capture every moment even if it is in motion. If you a camera that is capable of taking picture while in motion that is much better.

A camera with a high end shutter is a good one in taking picture of a moving object. But if you don’t have one, you can ask your friend or relatives who have one so you won’t need to buy new camera. Besides you will be using it just once. Camera with a burst shot is also a good one in taking puppy picture; you can take multiple shots in a single click of the button. So every movement and angle can be captured and you just need to select the best puppy picture you had.

Source by Eliza Maledevic

What Is The Endocrine Dog Health Problem

Dogs affected by bacterial, fungal and viral infections may see some form of hormone changes that affect specific organisms by way of the bloodstream. The pituitary gland, adrenal and thyroid glands are the typical endocrine glands that affect the body of the dog. One endocrine dog health problem is Cushing's disease.

What Is Cushing's Disease in Dogs

The medical terminology for this disease is hyperadrenocorticism. When excess cortisol is present in the bloodstream, circulates through the body, and can be deathly if the levels are high. Also known as a steroid, normal levels produced by the body, do no harm. Younger dogs are not affected by this condition, but as dogs age, any breed can become affected.

What Causes and Symptoms of Cushing's Disease in Dogs

The pituitary gland is the primary cause of this condition in dogs. For most causes diagnosed, the non-cancerous tumors produce the excess circulation of the cortisol, which in turn leads to the disease. Endocrine dog health problem arise because of the adrenal glands located near the kidneys and produce adrenaline as well.

The number one symptom is extreme thirst and appetite. The belly will extend outward along with hair loss, increased urination and laziness. These symptoms usually appear after a few months of having the disease, which sometimes is to long for some dogs if they are not completely healthy before the disease circulates through the body. The Endocrine dog health problem needs early detection as well as treatment.

Let the Vet Diagnose the Disease Correctly

If your dog shows any symptoms of Cushing's disease, and the dog's age is over the four-year mark, blood tests can confirm if the disease is this disease or some other dog health program. One test that determines what gland is showing signs of abnormalities are the high dose dexamethasone, which determines whether it is the pituitary or adrenal gland. The two other tests that a vet will run are the low dose dexamethasone suppression and the ACTH stimulation test.

Treating Cushing's Disease in Dogs

Because the endocrine dog health problem has no preventive treatments, the dog must undergo treatment with lysodren medications. The medication attacks and destroys a portion of the adrenal gland reducing levels of cortisol. Other drugs used have a lower efficiency for treating Cushing's disease are ketoconazole and anipryl. If the tumor tests negative for being cancerous, it can be removed by a surgical procedure.

In all, dogs that come down with symptoms of Cushing's disease need to be tested and diagnosed before any treatments can be rendered. The most important thing to remember is if it is not caused by a cancer tumor, surgery can help eliminate the symptoms. Not all symptoms mean Cushing's disease has, many aliments to dogs show the same signs. This is why proper diagnosis is required before any type of treatment can be given to the dog. Always provide plenty of food and water to your dog, even if these symptoms arise.

Source by Mandy Fain